Carbon Anode Manufacturing Plant


Green Mill

The facility has rail unloading capabilities and onsite storage capacity for 11,000 tons of petroleum coke, 6,000 tons of spent anode butts, and 1,300 tons of liquid coal tar pitch. The green mill is fully operational with all the systems needed to crush, grind, screen, size and dose the dry aggregate and liquid pitch to the eleven steam-heated, sigma blade batch mixers. Estimated paste production capacity at the maximum throughput rate is 35-40 tons per hour which can very easily produce 170,000 tons/year of green anodes and with some upgrades potentially near 275,000 tons/year. Steam and compressed air are provided to the facility from modern and well-maintained installations. There are presently 3-hydraulic presses designed to produce smaller anodes, however, there is enough room to replace the existing presses with a single high capacity vacuum press capable of producing the world’s largest anode sizes with no loss of throughput capacity. The mixer and press area pitch fumes are collected and treated in a coke fluidized bed, dry scrubber system that conforms to the current MACT environmental standards.

Baking Furnaces

There are two newer open-top ring furnaces at the facility that were commissioned in 1998 and 1999 respectively and were operated for a short time until the smelter was shut down in December 2000. The larger furnace has an estimated throughput capacity of 100,000 tons/year while the smaller furnace has an estimated throughput capacity of 55,000 tons/year. The furnaces are equipped with state-of-the-art Baketrol® automated firing and Draftrol automated draft control systems that provide uniform baking temperatures, well controlled combustion of natural gas and superior energy efficiency. Both furnaces are serviced by modern, multi-purpose cranes capable of precision loading and extraction of anodes as well as vacuum removal, placement, and dust extraction of packing coke. There are assembly stations in both furnaces for rebuilding of full-sized flue walls so that the entire wall can be replaced as a single unit.

Fume Treatment System

The exhaust gases from both furnaces are dry scrubbed with alumina in the Solios fume treatment system. This system is state-of-the-art for anode baking furnaces and meets the current MACT standards for removal of total fluorides and particulate organic matter. The system is equipped with opacity monitors to allow real-time observation of input particulate loading.

Anode Stacker and Load Out

Automated green and baked anode stacker storage is provided to hold short-term surges of in-process inventory. The present configuration can accommodate approximately 2,500 tons of green anode storage and can be expanded to hold an additional 650 tons. The baked anode storage capacity is approximately 2,000 tons. Although the facility is not presently set up to package and load out anodes, there are 3.5 miles of rail on-site and several boxcar loading ramps that could be easily adapted to accommodate palletizing of anodes and loading of rail cars for outbound shipments.

Major Equipment List

Below is a partial listing of some of the major equipment that is included in the facility sale. Much of the equipment is newer or recently renovated.

  • Coke Railcar Unloading System

  • Liquid Pitch Unloading & Storage System

  • Hot Oil Heat Transfer System

  • Rotex Dry Aggregate Screening System

  • Eleven 8,000-lb. Sigma-blade Batch Mixers

  • Coke Fluid-bed Pitch Fume Dry Scrubber

  • Automated Stacker for Green & Baked Anodes

  • 60-section Open Top Ring Furnace

  • (2) ECL Multi-purpose Bake Furnace Cranes

  • Baketrol® & Draftrol® Automated Firing Systems

  • 56-section Open Top Ring Furnace

  • Canadian Overhead Multipurpose Crane

  • Solios Alumina Injection Dry Scrubber

  • Complete Carbon Testing Lab



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