Steel Fabrication Plant


  • CNC STRUCTURAL STEEL DRILLING MACHINE PEDDINGHAUS/OCEAN “AVENGER II” MDL. MDL-1000/1B, new 2007, Siemens Sinumerik CNC control, sgl. axis drilling spndl., 60' beam table, 39.38" max. machining height, 6" max./1/8" min. thickness, 60' max. part length, 120 FPM Xaxis horizontal travel, 120 FPM Y-axis vert. travel, 20 HP hyd. system, 13.5 HP drilling spndl., 13" drill spndl. travel, 192 IPM drill rapid spd., variable drill fd.: 2–10 IPM, drill spndl. spd.: 200–850 RPM, 5/16" to 1-9/16" drill dia., #4 MT drill spndl. w/through spndl. coolant.

    BEAMLINE SAW HYD-MECH MDL. DCM-18/42 HORIZONTAL BANDSAW, new 2007, cap. @ 90 deg. is 18" ht. x 42"W., 18" rd. cap., cap. @ 45 deg. is 18" ht. x 25"W., 2"W. x .063" thk. blade, variable blade spds.: 40–300 SFM, 10 HP blade drive motor, digital angle and blade spd. display, laser beam light and mist lubrication system, pwr. miter swivel, hyd. vises, 48"W. x 48'L. pwr. roller infeed conveyor, 4" dia. H.D. rollers, 48' x 48"W. outfeed conveyor w/4" H.D. roller conveyor on 19" centers, Peddinghaus measuring slide carriage w/precision gauge bar, closed circuit camera system w/Tri-view read-out.

    CNC ANGLE LINES PEDDINGHAUS “ANGLEMASTER” 6" x 6" x 1/2", new 2001, Mdl. AFCPS645M, Megtron Mdl. PMIII600MHE CNC PC based control, (4) 80 T. cap. punch units, 250 T. cap. sgl. cut shear unit, 7-Station Marking Press, 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" min./6" x 6" x 1/2" max. angle cap., 2" x 1/4" min./6" x 1/2" max. flat cap., C3 x 4.1 min./C6 x 10.5 max. channel cap., 150 FPM max. spd. rate, PVP punches in positions 1 and 2, and standard punches in positions 3 and 4.42' roller infeed system w/material chain drag-off conveyor 30' Peddinghaus auto. unload conveyor, elec. eye safety barrier system.

    CNC WA WHITNEY “ANGLEMASTER,” 5" x 5" x 1/2" 50 ton punch angle shear and weld station, JHE control, 32' infeed conveyor, 10' outfeed conveyor.

    CNC PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE ESAB MDL. GXM-1200 PUMA, retrofitted 2006 w/Esab Vision NT/PC CNC control, 12' bridge width, 10' max. cutting width, currently arranged for 24' max. cutting length, (2) independent torch carriages w/plasma torch and oxy.
    fuel aux. torch, auto. torch height controls, (2) Hypertherm Mdl. HT2000 plasma pwr. supply units, auto. ignition, full size water table w/recirculation system.

    CNC HYDRAULIC SHEAR AMADA 10' X 1/2", new 1987, Mdl. H3013, 6' L.H. squaring arm, ballfield entry, programmable CNC backgauge, pwr. brake setting, front suppt. arms, spare set of blades, roll-out material transport cart, S/N 30130642.

    HYDRAULIC PRESSBRAKES WYSONG 250 T. X 12', new 1991, Mdl. RT4250X146, 5-axis, 10" stroke, 12" throat depth, 20" max. die space, 10'6" dist. btwn. housings, operator’s control stand, Cybelec Mdl. DNC90 CNC pressbrake control system, hyd. upper die clamp rail, 3-spd. hyd. system.

    ACCURPRESS 175 T. X 12', new 1997, Mdl. 717512, Accurpress ETS control system, 10'6" dist. btwn. housings, manual rear backgauge, 4-way die, (2) front suppt. arms, foot pedal operation, S/N 4243.

    HYDRAULIC PINCH PYRAMID PLATE ROLL CARELL/IMCAR MDL. SIHR15/5 (Italian Built), new 2007, 10' x 1/2" cap., 3/8" max. pre-bend cap., 11.8" top roll dia., 11" lateral roll diameters, 11 kW integral hyd. motor, digital roll position indicators, hyd. drop end, hyd. tilting lateral support table, S/N B3829.

    MECHANICAL PLATE ROLL WEBB 7L, Mdl. No. 1110, 7/16 x 10'.

    RUSCH MACHINE & DESIGN MDL. M175 HYDRAULIC PIPE BENDER, new 2007, self-contained hyd. system, assorted bending dies.


    ANGLE ROLL BUFFALO, Mdl. 1, 3" x 3" x 1/2".onventional Leaf Spring Manufacturing Line

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