Zinc/Nickel Plating Plant with In-line Phos/eCoating Facility


Year Commissioned: 2007
Type of Plant: Rack
Overall Footprint: 26m x 3.8m
The seller used to process a diverse range products including industrial fixings, high volume fasteners and circlips, roll containers, shopping trolleys and baskets, castings, wire products, metal lockers, pressings and tubular components
Control Panel – (1) Main Panel with Edus Operating Interface which feeds Independent Panels for the Zinc/Nickel eCoating Line
Mode of Plating – Automatic or Manual
(2) Transporters
(29) Process Tanks – including On-line Drying Stations – Zinc/Nickel: Gas, eCoating Line : Electric
(5) Guissani Rectifiers on Zinc/Nickel – 415V, 3ph, 50Hz, 2000Amp
(1) Guissani Rectifiers on eCoating Line
Please Note: The eCoat Facility features an on/off De-Mineralised Water Producing Unit by Wychwood
  • This is a modern (2007) engineered used Zinc/Nickel & eCoating Plant from the well respected design, build and commissioning electroplating engineer company.
  • This plant was designed to produce Zinc/Nickel electroplated products/components with the added facility of an in-line ecoating (electrophoretic/electropainting) facility, which could be used as a stand-alone plant in it’s own right, or in combination with the Zinc/Nickel as originally intended.
  • The line has counter-flow rinses, air agitation, spray rinse on the eCoat line, a common load/unload area, is bunded and features safety guards and an emergency guy wire along it’s entire length.
  • Other notable features of this Electroplating/Ecoating Plant is that it has a Thelmag hand held remote controller that enables the plant operative to control the transporter without the need of an attached pendant hoist, thereby allowing better utilisation of time and labour. In addition to this, there are energy saving hydraulically actuated opening/closing lid mechanisms on the drying stations of the ecoating line.
  • The Zinc/Nickel Line features an off-line pod tank and filter that returns the supernatant solution back into the plating tanks and comes with a number of flight bars and jigs.


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